utag Treuhand AG

utag Treuhand AG

About utag – “companies that can calculate count on us”

The core competence lies in accounting, which forms the basis for all business decisions. With the help of UTAG, accounting can be used as a management tool and can be prepared professionally and efficiently.

As a well-founded expert with great know-how, utag can help you in all tax matters.

Business consulting serves as a basis for the long-term success of the company.

A very important part of business management is payroll. A correct payroll reflects the quality that is expected from your employees at the same time.
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Customer recommendation

Simon Fischer
Partner youtag AG

«Thanks to the active support of JMC software in terms of home office work! At the beginning of the chaotic phase of the 1st COVID wave in spring 2020, I was pleased to see that we were well prepared.

Any failure or inaccessibility of the central IT systems represents a burden for our business model. Because this is based on excellent customer service with fast and centralized process handling. For us, a malfunction means a stop to order acceptance or execution and thus dissatisfied customers.

With JMC Software, we have found an IT partner that guarantees us smooth IT operations and thus ensures the success of our company.

Many thanks to the team of JMC Systems for the very professional service and fast response time.»

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Project – Virtualization

From an on-premises solution already managed by us, the complete utag infrastructure was outsourced to our data center: data, industry applications and databases.
Since June 2019, all utag employees work 100% with virtual workstations in the JMC Software Cloud (Tier-4 level).

One of many challenges was the secure handling of sensitive customer data of utag Treuhand AG. This was incorporated into the system through multiple checks, redundant data transfers as well as detailed checks after the migration. The large number of different industry applications also posed a challenge. Today, external customers of utag also access our cloud (to the utag accounting system). During project planning, this required good coordination and organization so that disparate components harmonized with each other.
It was a big change for utag employees, but the system has proven itself and everyone welcomes the solution. The newly gained independence of working was a blessing, especially in times of home office. Everyone was immediately equipped without any additional costs or adjustments.

Today, it is easier for utag Treuhand AG to push ahead with its digitization, as no more thoughts are needed regarding IT infrastructure. This has been made possible by the flexibility and scalability of the virtual workplace and its infrastructure in the data center.

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Your employees have access to the virtual workplace from anywhere via remote desktop - this is how a modern workplace works.
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