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Microsoft HoloLens

The first self-contained, holographic computer that allows you to interact not only with the holograms of the world, but also with your own digital content.

Interactive e-commerce

Duo is an Al-powered computer for your home, which can be used alone or connected to other smart products.

Interactive e-commerce

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Similar to the Microsoft HoloLens, the collaboration with Duo opens up new opportunities in the area of e-commerce.

Duo looks like a mirror at first sight, however has a 5-point multi-touch screen, a 27-inch display, and is voice-activated. The mirror surface is turned into a touchscreen, which allows the viewer to intuitively interact with the digital content. As Duo offers the option of being used alone or in connection with other products, you can manage whole businesses with it. Music, lights and room temperature can be controlled and various apps are available for download.

For example, by replacing traditional dressing room mirrors in shops with Duo computers, customers can virtually try on their clothes on-screen and combine colors, sizes and styles as desired.

Microsoft HoloLens

JMC Software is awarded the Developer Kit

Only a handful of companies have been awarded the developer kit of Microsoft HoloLens in Switzerland; JMC Software is one of them.

The environment is captured three-dimensionally by camera, infrared and multiple other sensors. The Microsoft HoloLens differs from the traditional Virtual Reality glasses by keeping the real environment visible. The user interacts with the extended reality through gestures and glances.

Visualization of technical work steps, interactive trainings and safety warnings up to the use in medicine and road traffic are possible with the Microsoft HoloLens. JMC is testing HoloLens' e-learning options in cooperation with the website Since the virtual content can be displayed in the real environment via a transparent display, all situations or possible occurrences on the road or in traffic can be replicated. This gives the driving student the possibility of testing his/her reactions in a safe and controlled environment.

The collaboration with HoloLens also opens up new possibilities for e-commerce. Special components such as multisensors, advanced optics and a custom holographic processing unit allow us to go beyond the screen. For example, clothing stores can offer the customers the option of virtually trying on clothes at home. It is also possible to virtually project clothes onto the body directly in the shop in front of the dressing room mirror. This leads to a stronger integration of the consumer through virtual interaction, in consequence of the acceleration of the purchase decision as well as permanent brand and product reminder. In addition, virtual prototyping and virtual content leads to time and cost savings in the planning, development and design of your business.

Our specialists translate your idea into a working holographic experience, where virtual reality and the immediate environment meet as one.
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Blockchain technology tested on the JMC Conciliator

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JMC Software AG examines the application of the Ethereum Blockchain technology for the decentralized authentication of endpoints for the in-house JMC Conciliator communication technology

The JMC Conciliator ™ is a complete solution for location-independent remote access and data exchange.

A client can connect directly to hosts that are located in different locations (third-party networks). All TCP-enabled applications (for example, RDP, FTP, SAP, ERP, SQL, etc.) can be used via the established connection. Only an internet connection is required.

Blockchain is a decentralized database where the integrity is saved by storing the hash value of the previous record in the subsequent block. Since the hash function is a one-way function, a cryptographic linkage is created without traceability.

This makes the use of, for example, Ethereum Blockchain extremely safe. Ethereum Blockchain is a platform that allows so-called Smart Contracts to be executed and contracts to be verified or checked on a technical level. This form of authentication is extremely reliable, since access authentications previously obtained from a local machine by means of a certificate counter are now present directly in the block data record.

Through the use of the Blockchain technology the remote maintenance and direct connection of the JMC Conciliator ™ becomes even safer.

We accompany you on your journey to the future

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